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We are One!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please help me in wishing a Happy Birthday!

That’s right we launched the site last year on March 11th and have been amazed at the growth so far, especially since the beginning of the year. This is going to be a great year for us and we couldn’t be more excited to have each of you with us.

We currently have 806 shows listed and that list continues to grow by the day!

We are amazed at the growth and expect that it will continue for years to come. We recently crushed our previous single-day visitor high bar and car show season hasn’t even kicked off yet! It is likely that by the end of this month we will exceed the total number of visitors to the site in 2019!

What does the future look like for

  • More show listings
  • Show sponsorships
  • More cool cars
  • Additional features that events can take advantage of
  • More show coverage

While the growth has been great, what we really want to do is serve a community of car show enthusiasts so if you have ideas on how we can better serve you please let us know, email us at

Buckle up folks, its time to put the pedal to the floor!

Scott Shuffitt,